Want to start a new beginning? Relocating To Western Puerto Rico

Photography by Myrla Colón  
There are many people who want to start a new beginning and their dream is to live in a Caribbean island. Whatever the reason is, they will find that Puerto Rico is the location where they want to live a new life and enjoy the beauty of the island and it's people.

The cool thing about this area and Puerto Rico in general , is that it is summer all year round.  It's the ultimate place for folks who plan to retire.  For those who are planning to work on their own, you can be as creative as you can. I will do a blog about  ways you can create any type of money making ideas.  
If you can't find a job at first , hey ..don't give up.  Here is an advice ...it doesn't fail. Order some personal cards through www.vistaprint.com ( good price). Just include your name , email address and a cel. number.  Okay .. what now?  Easy... the idea is NETWORKING  YOURSELF.  Important : Always project yourself as a hard working enthusiast and build a good reputation. That will always open the door to opportunities.  Every where you go , be friendly and charismatic with people you meet, afterwards hand the person your card.  You never know who you're going to meet.  SO HAND THEM OUT TO EVERYBODY!!! lol  And last but not least , try to go to nice beach bars or a  bar and grill ,restaurants , the beach is a great place to network also.  The purpose is exposing your self and letting know everybody out there you want to work. 

Below i have included several links.  Very useful information to help you know about Puerto Rico. It is very important to do some research, before you plan to relocate.

You can also visit for a short term and have an idea ,how great it is to be here. And it will motivate you to plan for the future and make this tropical paradise your new home.
View This Group it has great information for travelers and people who are planning to relocate.
Job search . flight deals and more!!!

Rent A Room In A Shared Furnished House $20.00 Per Night
Tourist Information

Travel Guide

Bringing Pets To PR

About Puerto Rico/ Visitor Information

This information is very useful for a relative ,friends or for you. Share it with others, I am sure there are alot of people thinking of making this move.

If you have any questions , I'll be more than happy to help.
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Leave your comments and if there is a subject you would like to write about. It can be related with  relocating or visiting the island. Share your thoughts with us.

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  1. Hello...My name is Von. Im looking to relocate to Puerto Rico ASAP. I am currently located in Chicago, Illinois. Is there anyone who knows of a place I could stay for a short time until i can find work or possibly stay in a room in exchange for labor(working around the house..running errands...yard work). I am a very hard worker and a great person to be around. I have a positive attitude and I'm very outgoing. Pleas feel free to respond to this post or send me a message. You may also call me anytime 630-518-0193. Thank you for your help!

    Hola...Mi nombre es Von. Estoy buscando a trasladarse a Puerto Rico lo antes posible. Estoy viviendo en Chicago, Illinois. Hay alguien que sabe de un lugar que podria permanecer por un corto tiempo hasta que pueda encontrar un trabajo o tal vez permanecer en una habitacion a cambio de trabajo (trabajo en la casa .. hacer recados...trabajar en el jardin). Yo soy una persona muy trabajadora y una gran persona a su lado. Tengo una actitud positiva y estoy muy salientes. Motivos no dude en responder a este post o enviarme un mensaje. Tambien me puede llamar 630-518-0193. Gracias por tu ayuda!

  2. Hi Marla,
    Its me Sandra just took a moment to check out your blog as ^ wrote im from Chicago also and want to relocat to P.R. You have great information on here and I will be putting them to use..Thank you

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